Keep project funds separate, each with its own spending card.

Pay-as-you go wallets—
No more invoices
No more reimbursements

Create a wallet for each project, clients link their account, and you get virtual debit cards. No more invoicing, no more covering the cost of purchases, and you get paid on time.

Fund wallets yourself or directly from a client's bank

Ask clients to link their account for materials, supplies, and anything you purchase on their behalf. Each wallet is separate and easy to track.

You and your employees pay with a regular card.

Each wallet gets virtual or physical cards that works just like you'd expect, in-person and online. Powered by Visa or Mastercard.

Earn trust with every purchase

Unlike invoices, share with clients clients so they know immediately where their money was spent. Fully automated without the paperwork.

Get paid fast and easily

Optionally set an hourly rate, charge flat fees, or add on a percentage of client purchases.

More control
Fewer mixups

Separate wallets track each project so that nothing gets mixed up. Each wallet has its own virtual or physical card, backed by Visa or Mastercard. You and your employees can make purchases and get paid, all the while clients see where their money is spent.

Before: messy mixups.
After: controlled and organized.

A new way to manage project funds

Carry is a revolutionary new way for event planners, interior designers, and contractors to manage funds for client projects. We've removed the need for you to invoice or cover the cost of purchases. "Balancing the books" is a no brainer. You get the peace of mind you expect with separate wallets and cards.

What's next?
We're looking for event planners, interior designers, and contractors to join our beta program.

About the Founder
Caleb Wright
Seasoned with over 15 years of experience building and designing apps for national brands, Caleb's vision is to make sharing money easy, transparent, and secure.


How does Carry work?
You can Wallets in the Carry app for each client project. Each Wallet is backed by our banking partners and funded by your clients. You and your employees receive Visa or Mastercard backed cards for purchases.

What is a Carry Wallet?
A Carry Wallet is backed by a real bank account and with additional sharing controls and virtual cards. Each Wallet has a balance and funds that you and your clients can deposit to.

Will I be able to freeze a card?
Yes. You can turn off and on cards and entire wallets.

How do clients add money to Carry Wallet?
Invite the client and include the amount you budgeted. Money can be added from a standard credit card or bank account. We do not add additional fees for deposits.

Who owns the wallet? The client or myself?
Your business is the account holder for each wallet.

How many employees can I add to a Wallet?
We’re working this one out! Let us know how you’d use your Carry Wallets.

Will I be able to uninvite employees?
Yes. There are times when you no longer need the person you invited to have access. With a push of a button, you can turn off their access. Clients cannot be uninvited.

What happens to unused funds?
With your approval, clients can request that unused funds be returned to them.

Can I use a wallet at an ATM?
TBD. Let us know if you’re interested in enabling or disabling ATM access.

What if I don’t want a virtual card? Can I get a physical card?
Absolutely! We'll mail you a physical debit card at no additional cost.

What fees do you charge?
We’ll charge a monthly fee for the service. There may be some bank fees for deposits and withdrawals, and we’ll only add additional fees if you choose faster service.

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